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Healing the WHOLE family. Mental Health Resources for families affected by pediatric cancer

About this Community

It is practically impossible to find a licensed counselor or therapist who is trained and/or familiar with the complexities and challenges on the individual and family when pediatric cancer becomes a very real part of your world. Family ChemoTherapy is founded by a mother to a survivor/warrior with years of working as a licensed therapist. Adriana sought out to find ways to bring access to quality resources to address mental health during and after pediatric cancer and so she founded Family ChemoTherapy while sitting in the PACU while her son received daily radiation for six weeks. 

Family ChemoTherapy is focused on the mental health of each member of the family when a child is diagnosed with pediatric cancer. This community’s purpose is to  provide  each family members with  a safe place to discuss the topics that affect the parents, the warrior, the siblings and  the grandparents. 

Through  the Family ChemoTherapy community, we will create the connections we need to process, assimilate and heal from the impact of childhood cancer. Their is power in connecting with people who share in your experiences. It takes away the sense of isolation and feelings of not being understood.  

By joining this group, you will have access to online support groups specific to warriors, parents, siblings, grandparents and extended families! Each group will be specific and exclusive to who you are and  where you are in the process.  Family ChemoTherapy will host webinars, weekly discussions or a topic to work through for the week and more.

Need more support? This community has small VIRTUAL support groups led by a counselor for a small fee. Yes, this includes a support group online for your teen, your survivor and grandparents.

All members of the family are impacted and this is the only community that focuses on the whole family!

Why we need YOU.

As a member, you will help create connections with other families and opportunities to learn from and turn around and support other families going through the difficult walk of pediatric cancer.  Thank you for joining and blessing us with your wisdom, experience and gift of friendship!


Although founded by a Licensed Professional Counselor and fellow parent to a warrior, this website is NOT an agreement of therapy.

By joining, you will gain therapeutic benefit through psychoeducation and support groups, as well as  the community of connection with other families who have been impacted by pediatric cancer.  

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